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Biology Subject Expert Day at Sir Graham Balfour

Last Wednesday (16th January 2019) saw the Biology trainees return to Sir Graham Balfour to learn about dissection and ethics with Subject Expert, Beth Collins.

Biology trainee, Neville Bradshaw who attended the day, explained that “in Biology it is important that we can demonstrate the practical skills required to investigate different organs, answer any questions and always be conscious of the health and safety of ourselves and the students we are teaching”.  Neville went on to explain how “the day involved a number of practical sessions and demonstrations where we dissected hearts, kidneys, eyes and lungs. Whilst many would find this gruesome it is a requirement of the curriculum and dissection work allows one to discover the form and function of an organ”.

“Beth Collins has a flair in the way that she delivers her sessions and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. We managed to cover a required practical in the morning related to reaction times and recorded observations of how quickly we could catch a ruler dropped by our lab partner – reaction time did decrease with repetition meaning that we did get faster at reacting with repetition, go Science”!

Neville then went on to say that “the cherry on top so to speak was observing a great way to try and represent cellular respiration in an exciting way (blowing icing sugar into a Bunsen burner flame – big flames, chemical reaction, etc.).  What is not to love”!


All of the Biology trainees are looking forward to our their day at Sir Graham Balfour and would like to thank Beth Collins for the amazing day.  We’d also like to thank Neville for the comments and the photos from the day.