"An outstanding secondary teaching training provider" (ofsted 2016)

Chemistry Subject Experts Day @ Concord College

Last week, our Chemistry trainees spent their Subject Experts Day at the, ever impressive Concord College.

Chemistry trainee, Sarah Kempa (pictured below, 2nd on the left) explained that “we were utterly spoiled with free breakfast (full English) and lunch (char siu belly pork with sautéed bok choi sprinkled with sesame seeds).  We met with the principal and senior leaders who answered any questions we had about teaching in an independent school”.

Sarah also went on to say that “in the morning, we were given a tour of the grounds (including seeing the ruins that held the first parliament after Oliver Cromwell) and then we spent the day recapping a level content, such as mass and infra red spectrometry/ proton NMR and organic synthesis pathways”.

Trainee Kelly Bowland, commented that she was “in awe of the science department at Concord College, this prehistoric short snout bear (pictured below) and periodic table were a sight to behold (see above)”!

In the afternoon, the trainees were accompanied by some upper sixth form students, where they set up and carried out re-flux of cyclohexane and other experiments.

We would like to thank Concord College and Subject Expert, Dr Mark Wild for their hospitality and the excellent sessions that were delivered.  We’d also like to thank Sarah Kempa for the glowing write up of the day.