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Green light to cut pointless lesson planning

Trainee teachers should focus on using existing resources rather than developing their own plans for every lesson they teach, new Department for Education advice says.

The guidance comes in a report which highlights areas where initial teacher education(ITE) providers should reduce workload for trainees, NQTs and teachers early in their careers.

The report, Addressing teacher workload in Initial Teacher Education, sets out questions and information designed to give ITE providers and managers a “starting point” to review their practice.

It calls for them to “challenge all practices and processes and remove those that have become established through custom rather than evidence of what works”, adding that this is “particularly relevant in relation to lesson planning”.

The report urges ITE providers to focus on developing the curriculum planning skills of trainees by “reducing the expectation on trainees to develop their own individual lesson plans and curriculum resources for every lesson they teach”.  Click here to continue reading this article.