"An outstanding secondary teaching training provider" (ofsted 2016)

Last day for our 2018/19 cohort

It’s with a heavy heart that we say ‘bon voyage’ to our 2018/19 cohort. We spent the morning together as the trainees received awards and certificates, along with each of the subjects presenting a short piece to their peers and the staff at The OAKS. The awards ranged from the heartfelt to the hilarious, alongside the two trainee of the year awards. These were both peer-based and OAKS staff voted.

This year’s OAKS staff award went to Farhaan Naeem (pictured above), with the trainees voting for Debra Gratton (pictured below). These were well deserved winners, along with every other individual given an award this morning.  If possible, we would award all of our trainees however, some needed to be individually recognised for going ‘over and above’ the usual requirements of this extremely difficult year.

As was expected, everyone’s spirits were high and so were the hopes for these subject-based presentations. Of course, as ever, our trainees went over and above what was expected! These really had to be seen to be believed!  These ranged from the amazing vocal talents of Sian and two separate subjects adapting the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bell Air!  We also were treated to the Biology news report and a frankly hilarious speech from our OAKS Trainee of the year, Farhaan.  Our cohort have been extremely complementary of their tutors and OAKS staff too, with all of the trainee signing a Manchester City street sign which they presented to our Director, Rob Tweats. 

It is also time to say a kind of farewell to the amazing Mike Bambury (pictured below), who after many years of work for both Keele University and The OAKS, has decided to retire his tutor role.  Fortunately for us though, he’s made the decision to remain on as one half of the English Subject Experts for next year (and hopefully beyond). 

Thanks to everyone for contributing and for being such great sports!  We then ended the morning with a lovely buffet provided by The OAKS, with time dedicated to say our fond farewells in the KPA.  We are so proud of all of out cohort, with most able to put their feet up now and catch up on their sleep!  We do, however have a handful of trainees still in schools, making up days missed.  It was great to see everyone together today and if you are still in schools, you’re nearly there!!

We’re so glad everything’s worked out for this years cohort, as to be fair, a career as dancers may not have been a good idea!  Mike and the macarena though has a certain ring to it though!