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Subject Experts Day – The Best of the Rest

As can be seen from the previous Subject Expert Day posts, our trainees highly value the input they receive from our Subject Experts during the year.  These experts provide our trainees with five of these sessions at various points throughout the year, in addition to the joint observation and feedback allocated during phase three of their training.

In another Keele-based session, Computing trainees Jane Lawton and Thomas Tilsley described a fantastic day, saying that “Val Bailey (Computing Subject Expert) is so knowledgeable and explains things very clearly and has some brilliant ideas for lessons. All we need a little Val in our pockets whenever we are stuck and life would be amazing”.

Business Studies trainee, Wendy Moreton spoke favorably about the day provided by Subject Expert, Chris Moreton, stating that the group had a “great day looking at clear explanations within subject areas , addressing misconceptions and delivering concrete examples. We moved onto exam technique and developing pupils exam skills and ours to role model answers in class”.

The PE cohort were at based out of Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy.  Trainee, Michaela Grisdale, discussed that Subject Expert, Allie Bryan “focused on teaching and learning strategies and the different ways we can focus on recapping knowledge/information from prior sessions. We did a mini PE lesson and were essentially students receiving a lesson with these new ideas. It was a more creative way of learning then the generic lecture style. To finish the day off, we did secret Santa! PE will be a happy cohort by Christmas”!  Very festive indeed!

We’d like to reiterate our thanks to all of our Subject Expert hosts, along with all of the trainees who provided the information and wonderful quotes from the day.