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Subject Experts Day

As previously posted, our trainees were ‘out and about’ visiting several schools across the Partnership as part of the Subject Experts Day on 16th January 2019.

Drama trainee, Madison Shirley, explained how the Drama group “focused on devising from a stimulus, we explored possible stimuli from a piece of literature all the way to a nursery rhyme. We staged our own performances and explored how a stimulus can be introduced through Key Stage 3 into Key Stage 4“.  She went on to state that the day “was lots of fun and was lovely to be able to act again“.

Languages trainee, Abigail Wynters wrote the following regarding their Subject Expert day;

“On our subject expert day we were lucky enough to be invited to Concord College to spend the day in their MFL department. We were welcomed in the grand reception in the morning and spent the day observing lessons in French, Spanish and German from Year 9 (Form 4) to Upper Sixth Form (Form 6.2). The classes were much smaller than we are used to seeing and the students were very skilled linguists all across the board – even the year 10 German class we watched, who had only been studying German for a term, were learning complex grammar structures. All of the lessons were taught in the target language, with teachers only saying a couple of things in English throughout the entire lesson. It really was a fantastic experience for all of us and it was interesting to see grammar focused teaching with so much target language input from both the teachers and the students. Thank you to all of the staff and students at Concord College who invited us into their school and their lessons, and really made us all feel welcome”.