"An outstanding secondary teaching training provider" (ofsted 2016)

SurveyMonkey Questionnaires (Current Trainees Only)

Andy Clifton has released a ‘SurveyMonkey’ Questionnaire today for all of our current trainees.  This has been emailed out this morning to everyone on the course.

Please, please can we ask that you fill in the final two SurveyMonkey’s that Andy will be sending out before Xmas. These will be live from today, but closed on the 20th December. These are so important, and we value your feedback. They are not long questionnaires, but the data they hold is vital for course development. We at The OAKS, find this data essential in ensuring that our course/trainee provision is ‘outstanding’ (Ofsted 2016).

Please can these be completed promptly and as honestly as possible to allow us to act accordingly on any feedback received.